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Motorcycle Training (M1 to M2) Course Information

This training is designed for new riders, riders with experience, or those wishing to further develop their riding skills.

Haven't been out riding for awhile? This course is also used as a great refresher. This course covers the basics of motorcycle riding, maneuvering, collision avoidance skills, and defensive driving techniques. At the end of the course on Sunday, you will be tested for your M2 licence by our Ministry of Transportation-certified instructors on the bike that you learned on. As a result of successfully completing this course in only 17+ hours of theory and basic/advanced maneuvers, you:

  • You must have your M1 to take this course
    You must go back to the DriveTest Centre within 6 months of passing the course to have them upgrade your licence to the M2.  IF YOU DO NOT GO TO TO DRIVE TEST WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF COMPLETING YOUR COURSE YOUR RESULTS WILL EXPIRE. The M2 is not automatically added to your license.
  • May benefit from reduced insurance rates.
  • We supply the motorcycles.

Did you know...

The Canada Safety Council's Gearing Up Program, developed in co-operation with the Federal Government, is endorsed by all levels of government and the Insurance Advisory Organization. Since its inception in 1974, it has gained worldwide recognition as the finest rider-training program anywhere in the world.

Course Requirements:

  • Full face helmet, minimum rating must meet sanctioning body requirements (DOT, ECE, or Snell)
  • 1/2 helmets and 3⁄4 helmets are not recommended for beginner training courses and will require an additional sign off.
  • You must provide and wear all your own protective gear (Full face helmet, Eye protection, Sturdy Jacket, Gloves, Pants and Boots)
  • You must be at least 16 to take this course (under 18 requires a waver signed by parents)

Course Highlights?

As a result of successfully completing this course in only 19 hours of theory and basic/advanced manoeuvres, you:

  • Will be eligible for the M2 Licence. (you must go to the DriveTest Centre within 6 months)
  • May benefit from reduced insurance rates.

You Will Also Understand

As a result of successfully completing this course in only 19 hours of theory and basic/advanced manoeuvres, you will understand:

  • Balancing & braking
  • Cornering
  • Collision avoidance
  • Road riding
  • Emergency braking
  • Cold starting
  • Emergency techniques
  • Pattern riding
  • Correct gear changing
  • Signals & shoulder checks
  • Clutch operation & control synchronization



Contact Us

Weekend Course Hours:

Thursday 7 - 10pm lecture

Saturdays and Sundays 9 – 5
(Information will be emailed a week before the course to the email you provided upon registration.)


A Word about risk:

Motorcycling is inherently risky. Although we strive to provide a very safe training environment, the risk of injury is always a concern. Motorcycle riding requires your full attention at all times and learning to ride can be challenging, emotional and stressful, both physically and mentally.
Accidents do happen, but seldom result in serious injury. Scrapes and bruises are not uncommon from time to time but more serious incidents, although rare, may occur over the training season, such as sprains or fractures. RSAO strongly requests the use of full-face helmet protection for all beginners / learners to ensure the highest level of safety. This provides optimum protection essential to minimizing risk and is a far more responsible choice over “open faced” helmets. You will be required to sign a waiver of claim prior to taking our course (see/download the waiver of claim form where you intend to take the course). If these risks are unacceptable to you and you do not wish to sign the waiver, please do not register.