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M2 Course
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M2 Course
Graduated "M2" Licence
The Canada Safety Council's Gearing Up Program, developed in co-operation with the Federal Government, is endorsed by all levels of government and the Insurance Advisory Organization.

M2 Exit Course
Permanent "M" Licence
Our M2 Exit Course is recognized by the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario to issue permanent "M" licences. Applicants for the M2 Exit course must be in possession of an "M2" graduated licence for a minimum of 18 months.

Refresher Course

Our refresher course, which is approved by the Canada Safety Council and the Insurance Advisory Organization, is for experienced riders and is designed to fine tune basic riding skills.

Introduction to Motorcycling
This is a Canada Safety Council approved program which serves to introduce the student to the basics of riding a motorcycle. It is a three hour course, all of the time spent on the bikes.

Thank You
A special thank you to Kawasaki Canada and Suzuki Canada for their continued support in motorcycle training.








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