M2 Training - Peterborough

M2 Training - Peterborough

    Location : [Peterborough]

Course Location:

Sir Sandford Fleming College
599 Brealey Drive
Peterborough, Ontario

K9J 7B1

Tel: 1-888-269-6929 
Fax: (705) 749-5507
Email: motorcycle@flemingcollege.ca 
Web: website


(Includes M2 licence test - your paperwork must be presented to the DriveTest Centre within 6 months)
Payable to Sir Sandford Fleming College
(Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard)


Course Schedule:

April 13-15 June 8-10 August 24-26
April 20-22 June 15-17 September 7-9
April 27-29 June 22-24 September 14-16
May 4-6 July 6-8 September 28-30
May 11-13 July 13-15  
May 25-27 July 27-29
June 1-3 August 10-12  


Courses will run rain or shine. All courses are subject to minimum enrollment

Course Requirements:

Course Requirements: Applicants who wish to get a licence must be 16 years of age or over and possess a valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation M1 license. This special licence is a 90-day permit to ride a motorcycle and is issued by the Ministry of Transportation upon successful completion of a written test. (Any applicants who presently possess a "Limited Speed Endorsement" or in other words, a scooter licence, must obtain a "Full-speed Training Temporary Driver's Licence". This can be obtained at any DriveTest Centre. This is a 90 day permit which allows you to take the course and update your Limited Speed Licence to a full speed M2 licence.) Applicants must provide their own helmet, leather gloves, jacket (leather, jean or ballistic nylon), pants and above the ankle leather footwear. Note: Running shoes are NOT acceptable.



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